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modpack by shadowake
Server gamemode – normal

Awakening modpack aims to be a pack unlike any other. It is designed to be a long term use pack e.g. for a long Minecraft let’s play series or just an everyday pack to keep you playing for a long time, with well over 280 mods and over 800 quests (and growing). Say no to defaults! Nearly every mod and config in this pack has been edited or modified to make them work better together. The ultimate idea of the pack is to integrate mods together so well that you wouldn’t know they were ever meant to be separate. Is this the most highly customized and ambitious modpack ever made? Probably. Try it and see for yourself.

A ‘lite’ version of the pack can be found (HERE). This pack is functionally the same in terms of progression, quests, etc. simply with some client-side removals for smoother performance.

To join Awakening Server you will need the twitch/curse launcher found here

1. Download and run launcher
2. Find and install awakening modpack
3. Click Play to launch awakening

Server ip:
Modpack version: 2.29.4

Warning! Ender and Mining world resets every SUN.

Server features:

  • economy
  • global ranking
  • griefprevention (golden shovel)
  • shop plugin
  • market
  • teleportation
  • global chat
  • vote crate

Items banned in the Overworld:
– RFTools Builder

Items banned everywhere:

  • All Chunk loaders (use IRON BLOCK as chunk loader)
  • Arcane crafting terminal
  • Catalytic lens
  • Dark matter pedestal
  • Dynamite sticks
  • Hyperkinetic lens
  • Jailer’s safari net
  • Market
  • Network tool
  • Nova cataclysm
  • Nuke
  • Spamr launcher
  • TNT minecart
  • Antimatter bomb
  • Dimension builder /enscriber /editor

Additional banned items can be added at anytime without warning.