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MineWonderLand Rules

1. No griefing / stealing, even if base is unclaimed
2. No asking for items
3. No advertising, incl youtube/twitch/discord channels
4. No cursing / swearing / trolling / spamming / caps
5. When talking to one person or playing with friends, use /msg, /party or /friend
6. Respect ALL players
7. Treat staff with respect and do not argue with them
8. MainChat Language – English
9. No X-raying / hacking / cheating / duping / glitching
10. No racist, sexist, religious remarks
11. No speed flying / running
12. Do not build too close to another player’s build
13. Do not build near spawn
14. No offensive/inappropriate constructions, skins, names
15. Do not evade AFK kicker / timer
16. No excessive items/mobs inside mob farms
17. Keep the game lag free
18. All spawners must be turned OFF before going offline
19. We do not refund items lost because of graves failing to spawn, bugs, glitches,  crashes, clearlag etc

Thank you for respecting this and reading and following rules!