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Tekkit Legends

To join Tekkit Legends you will need the Technic launcher found here

1. Download and run Technic launcher
2. Sign in (use your minecraft account)
3. Click the modpacks tab and select Tekkit Legends
4. Install the modpack
5. Click Play to launch Tekkit Legends

Server ip: tekkit.minewonderland.com
Modpack version: 1.1.1

Warning! Mining dimension (/warp minig) resets every month; The END resets every server restart.

Server features:

  • economy
  • random teleport
  • global ranks
  • griefprevention (golden shovel)
  • shop plugin
  • market
  • teleportation
  • global chat

Items banned in the Overworld (use them in /warp minig):
– Quarry, Miner

Items banned everywhere:

  • All Chunk loaders (use IRON BLOCK as chunk loader)
  • Cart Dispenser
  • TNT Cart
  • Lightning Red
  • Nuke, Dynamite, Industrial TNT
  • Rainmaker
  • Hyperkinetic Lens
  • Catalytic Lens
  • Destruction Catalyst
  • Volcanite Amulet
  • Evertide Amulet
  • Watch of flowing time
  • Dark Matter Pedestal
  • Nova Cataclysm
  • Teleport Tether
  • Thermometer
  • Tunnel Bore
  • Hopper Facade
  • Luminator
  • Thermometer
  • Turtle
  • LP – Satellite pipes, satellite upgrade, fluid pipes, crafting table, fuzzy crafting table, fuzzy upgrade

Additional banned items can be added at anytime without warning.