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To join Regrowth server you will need the twitch/curse launcher found here

Server ip:
Modpack version: 1.0.2

Warning! The END resets every server restart.

Server features:

  • economy
  • global ranking
  • griefprevention (golden shovel)
  • shop plugin
  • market
  • teleportation
  • global chat

Items banned everywhere:

  • All Chunk loaders (use IRON BLOCK as chunk loader)
  • Cart Dispenser
  • Fancy Workbench
  • Hopper Facade
  • Imperfect Ritual Stone
  • Network Tool
  • Particle Generator (Blood Magic)
  • Rainmaker
  • SDX, TNT,  TNT cart, Obsidian TNT
  • Field kit
  • Vampiric, Voodoo Poppet
  • Dolly, diamond dolly

Additional banned items can be added at anytime without warning.