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Dimension Zero – 1.12.2

To join Dimension Zero Server you will need  the twitch/curse launcher found here

Server ip: dimensionzero.minewonderland.com
modpack ver. 11.7

Warning! The END resets every server restart; Twilight forest, Midnight, Ratlantis, Betweenlands resets every 24h.

Server features:

  • economy
  • global ranking
  • land claims (golden shovel)
  • market shop (/market)
  • random teleport
  • teleportation
  • global chat

Items banned in Overworld:
– Vertical digger, Mechanical miner

Items banned everywhere:

  • All Chunk loaders (use IRON BLOCK as chunk loader)
  • Quantum Quarry
  • Florbs
  • Spatial io
  • Builders wand (extra utilities)
  • Actually additions automatic feeder
  • Fluid crafter
  • Garden cloche
  • Item Vacuum (Embers)
  • Storage bus
  • ME counduits
  • Cave illuminator
  • Time in a bottle

Mods removed:

  • Chance cubes

Additional banned items can be added at anytime without warning.