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FTB Genesis – 1.19.2

To join FTB Genesis Server you will need  the FTB launcher found here

  • connect to:   genesis.minewonderland.com 
  • modpack ver. 1.4.0

Java 17 required

Warning! The END resets every server restart; Nether resets every month. Space stations never resets.

Server features:

  • economy
  • land claims
  • global chat
  • random teleport
  • teleportation
  • market

Items banned everywhere:

  • Spatial io, spatial pylon, spatial anchor, storage bus
  • Ender scepter, duskflame hex, engraved thunder, building scepter, frost bringer, rainbow vannon
  • Advanced magnet
  • Slingshot, bomb, rope arrow, spring launcher (supplementaries)
  • Turtle, advanced turtle
  • Hand of time
  • Grenade, bomb
  • Infinity drill
  • Matter cannon
  • RFTools dimensions


  • use Sophisticated Storage, Sophisticated Backpacks mods at your own risk

Additional banned items can be added at anytime without warning.